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Re: A proposal for Debian

Simone Brunozzi writes ("A proposal for Debian"):
> my name is Simone Brunozzi, from Italy.
> I'm trying to set up a company to offer some sort of debian 
> certification, and I'd like to know if I can speak with you about this 
> issue.
> Briefly, my idea is to set up a protocol for this certification and 
> offer a searchable database accessible all over the world for companies 
> that want to verify the validity of the certification, and to give to 
> debian project part of the money needed to get the certification,
> possibly 10% or maybe even more.
> I'm waiting for your reply!

I'm not sure exactly what certification you're thinking of, but I'm
probably not the best person to ask.  I'm guessing that the
debian-project mailing list might be able to help increase mutual
understanding, so I've CC'd that with this reply.


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