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Re: Debian CDs organisation


Maybe but, for instance, some systems simply do not get installed with the
X Window System or the graphical programs that run under it. Some systems
do not get installed with Apache and PHP and the many modules and related
software for them...and so on. There are certainly large, groups of
packages that only get installed on servers or only on desktop systems.
While power users and developers use a mix of all sorts of packages,
Debian is also implemented into well-defined systems, where a certain
machine is a "World Wide Web server" with no need for any windowing system
or where a certain machine is a "secretary's machine" with no need for
anything server-like. The power user software mix is reflected in popcon
because I'd bet most of the submitters are developers and interested users
who are running it on their personal machines rather than well-defined
servers or desktops, but many implementations don't need such "bits of


Chris Hagar

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004 14:49:22 +0100
Floris Bruynooghe <fb102@soton.ac.uk> wrote:

> Pesonally I wouldn't like that because I like some "optional" packages
> from everywhere around.  Imho the popularity based system will work
> better coz you want bits of everything most of the time.

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