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Re: Debian CDs organisation

> > AFAIK jigdo only takes care of the thing at thre
> receiving end. The 
> > considerable amount of work I assume is needed is
> the 'which package 
> > goes to which CD image' step.

To address the problem better, I suggest that apps
that were created before december 2002 and are still
actively developed/used, are good candidates to be
included into cd images for distribution. The rest are
left online for download. This is because common apps
that we use were being developed few years ago before
they become popular AND we can't afford to keep adding
new cd image as our deb database grows (keep in mind
that we currently have 13 woody cd images).

> If the suggestion about the classification is tried.
>  How would it work
> to just divide in the sections like "admin", "x11",
> "gnome", "net" etc.
> for "extra" and maybe "optional"?

This will work but we may require user to download
many, if not all, cd images due to the dependency
problem. My intention is to create cd images that are
self-satisfying, meaning that if I want to use sys
admin packages, dependencies can be found in the same
cd itself or in CD 1. 

> Pesonally I wouldn't like that because I like some
> "optional" packages
> from everywhere around.  Imho the popularity based
> system will work
> better coz you want bits of everything most of the
> time.

But we can't tell user to download all cd images that
he/she will never need it. Different users have
different needs and popularity is just too arbitrary,
in my own opinion.

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