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Re: project names

On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 04:59:24PM -0500, Patrick L. McGillan wrote:
> As you know each release of Debian has a project name. On the other 
> hand, reading the debian web pages does not readily reveal those names. 
> Suggestion, put the package release name in the same paragraph as the 
> description, i.e. sid, sarge, etc

Hi Patrick,

all these names, like hamm, potato, woody have their origin in the movie
picture Toystory, thats a movie AFAIK about a little boy moves and forget
his loved toys. Just take a look at [1] for more information about this 
movie picture. So for example sid (unstable) is the name of the neighbour's 
boy, who is very naugthy to his toys.

 [1]		http://www.imdb.com

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