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Re: A proposal for Debian

Simone Brunozzi wrote:
> I'd like to try to explain my idea better:
> Take as an example Red Hat Certification, Red Hat Certified Engineer, etc.
> These are certification, and Red Hat can claim the right to do them 
> because it is the same company that produces the Red Hat Distribution.
> This certification tries to assure that the person certified is able to 
> do some things. Red Hat guarantees that.
> Debian has no company behind it, so my idea was to ask you (or whoever 
> else is in charge for that) to decide together some kind of 
> certification about, for example, "Debian system administration".
> I want to offer to the italian market this certification, both in 
> english and italian, and regarding some topics (sysadmin, network, 
> others). This can help people to find better jobs, cause they are 
> certified in some way (given that the certification "authority" is good 
> and honest).

What about the LPI certificates?  They have an rpm and deb part, so
you can choose and they are generally distribution-agnostic.



Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect.

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