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Re: A proposal for Debian

On 2004-07-10 19:25:38 +0100 Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:

What about the LPI certificates?  They have an rpm and deb part, so
you can choose and they are generally distribution-agnostic.

What about them indeed? Have they published full examination statistics yet, or only small summaries and assurances of "extensive validation"? It's been a few months since I looked, so they might have finally done this basic act.

They also want to be the "leadership" of our community. In line with this aim, its president wrote an article criticising FSF for sending a small delegation of mostly local people to WSIS instead of spending FSF money on extensive international travel. Other non-education people I regard as very difficult hold or have held posts in LPI. It is not just an education and certification project.

I noticed LPI's activities in the UK when Yet Another Foundation was almost set up. While I was initially quite positive about LPI in general, researching the org made me increasingly unhappy.

Summary: Let's support other programmes too, if asked. LPI could use some competition.

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