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Do we need a debian-infrastructure list?

For a while I wondered if we need a moderated list for infrastructure
issue.  For important public changes there is debian-news, for release
issues we have debian-announce, and for development concerns we have
debian-devel-announce.  In theory there's also debian-mirrors for
announcements concerning mirror maintainers.

Where should we send mails such as

 . Host foo out of order, local admin will run local maintenance

 . Host foo finally turned off, services will be rebuilt on host bar,
   baz and waz

 . http.us rotation borked due to downtime of host foo

 . Service bar moves from host foo to baz

 . New host foo at bar for services baz, waz, and guuz

 . Architecture foo porting host turned into buildd, access restricted

 . New architecture foo porting host donated by bar, hosted by baz,
   with local admin quux and guuz

 . Service bar shut down for maintenance/security/lazyness



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