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Re: Sid-specific list?

le Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 03:15:17AM -0500 par David B Harris :
> A fair number of people I know who aren't heavily-involved in Debian run
> Sid these days. Some of that, probably, is me begging them not to run
> Sarge (for the obvious reasons). I've been telling them that they should
> be fine, so long as they double-check with somebody "in the know" before
> upgrading (whether on a daily or semi-daily basis).
> I've been wondering if maybe it would be worthwhile to have a mailing
> list specific to any humdrum issues that show up in Sid. Something
> moderated so there isn't a huge amount of traffic for these people to
> keep up with. Two or three posts a day, I'm thinking.
> Thoughts?

- that would be a worthful tool !


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