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Debian Question Regarding Postgresql Replication

Dear Debian staff,

I am working to find a replication solution for my employers Postgresql Databases.  The company has tested and taken a great liking to Debian and has a plan to set it as a company standard.  However, we use Postgresql Databases and it seems that none of the postgresql projects claim to support Debian.

Before I proceed with attempting to compile and test feasibility of the various projects available I wanted to know if there has been any solution successfully implemented within the Debian OS to your knowledge.

Any information you could provide would be of great assistance.  The alternative I am trying to avoid is arguing the case for reverting back to RedHat.  Again, the company has grown really fond of the many benefits of using your OS.  Thank you in advance for any information that may be offered.


Charles A Beasley
Noment Networks
Research and Development

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