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Re: Debian Question Regarding Postgresql Replication

* cbeasley (cbeasley@noment.net) [031127 08:13]:
> Before I proceed with attempting to compile and test
> feasibility of the various projects available I wanted to know
> if there has been any solution successfully implemented within
> the Debian OS to your knowledge.

are you looking for replication done on top of debian? i cant
serve with that, replication is rather new and was not available
when the project we worked on was implemented.

i can say some nice things about postgresql in general, though.
the person implementing the database schemas had not worked with
open source much, just with bigger solutions like oracle etc.
he liked postgresql`s standard complience (to modern standards,
even!) and was very impressed in general. the solution
implemented is running for 1.5 years now, is rock solid and
performs very well.

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