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Is work on Debian community service?

Hi everybody,

I'm in my last year of high school, and at my school it is required
to complete 50 hours of Community Service in one's final 3 years.

Do you think work for the Debian project should be considered
Community Service? How about work only indirectly for Debian (i.e.
work on upstream projects)? How about work on other free software

Of course, they don't trust me to record my own hours. If Debian is in
fact considered "Community Service," who should I ask to verify my
claim of XX hours? What constitutes time working for Debian?

I'd really like to hear the opinions of other developers and members
of the Debian community.

Regardless of the outcome of this discussion, I'm certain I'll be able
to get the required 50 hours, and I'm sure it will have no effect on
my continued work for Debian.

Duncan Findlay

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