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Re: irc.debian.org

Vaidhy Mayilrangam wrote:
> For what I understand, most attacks on OPN seem to come from people who
> do not like lilo (on a personal basis). Furthermore, the relationship
> between OPN and Debian is symbiotic. We both contribute to the growth of
> free software. 

You forgot to take into account that the dislike for lilo is a result
of how he behaves and runs this network, the way he still used Global
Notices an/or -lilo-, -lilo`- or now -fundraising- notices to spam
fellow users to donate monay to an alleged 501(c)3, which it isn't
currently, to pay *his* bills, even though a lot of people asked him
to stop that since it is considered UCE or SPAM.

All of the above can indeed result in a personal dislike to that person.

> I can understand and appreciate lilo's goal of trying to make OPN more
> professional and that takes money. All the channel does is send two
> messages per day (and making it a big deal is IMHO overreacting). GNU
> sells books and requests that people buy them. I do not see anyone
> complaining about it. 

Yes, but that's only because neither gcc nor emacs are displaying a
request for donations or book-purchase twice a day.  If they would, be
sure that the FSF would be flamed a lot.

> Cutting down to the basics, OPN is not a pay channel nor does it
> threaten users who do not contribute. So I see no point in moving away
> from it unless the situation actually warrents it (and needless to say,
> asking for donations twice a day does not warrent it)

> I do know lilo in RL and I personally do not find him obnoxious :). But

I got that from only his behaviour... Well...



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