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Bug#148034: DMUP: Please clarify limitation on news usage

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 01:02:55AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> >>"Tore" == Tore Anderson <tore@linpro.no> writes:
>  Tore> This can apply to just about every other service available on
>  Tore> the internet. I can see no reason to explicit mention news.
> 	Whether everyone on the planet sees a reason to mention
>  anything is not really a concern. The fact remain it is mentioned,
>  and reading news on debian machines is prohibited.

Yep. But I'd like to know -why-. The only reason I am able to puzzle
out is that we don't want to use our sponsors' newsservers, so they
won't get higher load, or something like that. Which is fair enough.

But I still can't see why reading news on public servers is prohibited.
In fact, I am not sure if the DMUP has addressed this at all.

>  Tore> What I tried to get across is that connecting to *any* port to
>  Tore> paste large amounts of text without any reason, is abuse. This
>  Tore> is not specific to port 119. I'm sorry for being unclear.
> 	Not quite true for port 25. I often (perhaps indirectly, or
>  programmatically), sent large amounts of data to port 25 of Debian
>  machines, and that is not abuse.

Did you bother to read what I wrote before answering? I said 'without
any reason'. Connecting to port {25,119} to send a {mail,news} message
*is* a valid reason.

>  Tore> However, this is not relevant to my original question. Common
>  Tore> sense tells me that normal use of news is not what you
>  Tore> described above.
> 	Indeed, connecting to port 119 and requesting or sending
>  sometimes large chunks of ascii text in a formatted manner to port
>  119 of some machines (hereby called NNTP servers) is exactly what
>  normal use of news is.

Okay. I misunderstood you, there. I assumed you were talking about
random data.

>  Tore> OTOH, the fact that I can't file a bug directly at the DMUP
>  Tore> like I can with the Policy, and that the document isn't signed
>  Tore> at all, is *not* fine.
> 	Well, to each whatever windmills they wish to tilt at.

Maybe I am tilting at windmills. But I prefer to speak up when I see
something I believe needs fixing, instead of shutting up and assuming I
won't find anyone who agrees. I can't know if this bugreport was in
vain until after I've filed it, right? :-)

By the way, you wouldn't by any chance know who wrote the DMUP, do you?

Tore Anderson

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