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Bug#148034: DMUP: Please clarify limitation on news usage

>>"Tore" == Tore Anderson <tore@linpro.no> writes:
 >> I take this to mean I should not read news on debian machines.

 Tore> Then why is it mentioned in this context? Reading news is not
 Tore> 'net abuse', far from it.

	I would hesitate to speculate on the motivation that prodded
 the author to to creat4e the ordering or the juxtaposition of the
 items on the document. However, if they were thinking abuse, they
 were thinking of complaiunts, and flammage on USENET may bring in
 complaints. Ergo, stop people using USENET.

 >>>>> If using news is not allowed at all in the first place, then this
 >>>>> would be redundant.
 >> Hmm. I guess this means that one should not telnet to port
 >> 119, and paste large amounts of text either.

 Tore> Don't be silly. That's "using news" as much as anything else.

	I would classify the vague objection as silly and potentially
 trying to weasel services from the donor of the bandwidth, but I'm
 trying hard to be convivial. 

 Tore> I just don't like agreeing to an ambiguous document.

	The document is far from ambiguous. It is even redundant, in
 case the first message failed to make it throug.

	Sincxe the Debian project uses email as a primary
 communications mechanism, it makes it useful to use email from debian
 machines, since that may well be for proect use. Debian does not use
 NNTP for the project. Donors should not have to provide the service,
 really, since it is unlikely to be used directly for project related
 work. If a donor has objected to providing sysadmin/bandwidth, and
 that is what prompted the DMUP, it is enough.

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