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Bug#148034: DMUP: Please clarify limitation on news usage

>>"Tore" == Tore Anderson <tore@linpro.no> writes:

 Tore> This can apply to just about every other service available on the
 Tore> internet. I can see no reason to explicit mention news.

	Whether everyone on the planet sees a reason to mention
 anything is not really a concern. The fact remain it is mentioned,
 and reading news on debian machines is prohibited.

 Tore> What I tried to get across is that connecting to *any* port to paste
 Tore> large amounts of text without any reason, is abuse. This is not
 Tore> specific to port 119. I'm sorry for being unclear.

	Not quite true for port 25. I often (perhaps indirectly, or
 programmatically), sent large amounts of data to port 25 of Debian
 machines, and that is not abuse.

 Tore> However, this is not relevant to my original question. Common sense
 Tore> tells me that normal use of news is not what you described above.

	Indeed, connecting to port 119 and requesting or sending
 sometimes large chunks of ascii text in a formatted manner to port
 119 of some machines (hereby called NNTP servers) is exactly what
 normal use of news is.

 Tore> I disagree. It is redundant in saying that you shouldn't use Debian
 Tore> machines to abuse news servers. It is not clear at all as to whether
 Tore> you can use Debian machines to read news *normally*, from for example
 Tore> news.gmane.org.

	You asked. It certainly is clear to me. 

 Tore> If I'm not allowed to read news from Debian machines at all, that's
 Tore> fine.


 Tore> OTOH, the fact that I can't file a bug directly at the DMUP like I
 Tore> can with the Policy, and that the document isn't signed at all, is
 Tore> *not* fine.

	Well, to each whatever windmills they wish to tilt at.

 The early worm gets the bird.
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