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Re: why not replace individual programs?

On 14-Jun-00, 02:31 (CDT), Pablo Baena <pbaena@fnmail.com> wrote:
> It is just one step required for non-free software to become
> propietary in some cases. i.e.: wine. It had some kind of home-made
> license and then went to the BSD license. The guy owning wine could
> just sell wine to any company, and nobody would be in position to do
> nothing about it.

That's true of any software: the author can always choose to take
it proprietary. The weakness of the BSDish licenses is that other
contributors cannot prevent it.

However, any license that qualifies as free (including BSD) has the huge
advantage that it *doesn't matter*. We can always take the existing
version and work from there.


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