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Re: why not replace individual programs?

On 13-Jun-00, 18:14 (CDT), Chris Pimlott <pimlottc@null.net> wrote: 
> On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > FWIW, everything that you can do with xv can be done with some
> > combination of the GIMP and xzgv packages in woody.
> > 
> > The only advantage to xv is that the visual schnauzer is probably more
> > fun to use than the GIMP's file selector, which (in 1.1.22) only shows
> > one preview at a time (xzgv has a nice visual selector, but it has
> > virtually no image editing capability).
> 	I beg to differ with you.  xv is a small and quick graphics
> viewer.  The Gimp is a full fletched graphics editing package.  As such,
> it is not so spritely to load and, having many many more features than xv,
> quite as simple to use as xv _for the purposes of graphics viewing_.

I beg to differ with you. xv is a bastard combination of viewer and
editor, and not terribly good at either. That's why Chris included xzgv.

Let's try this: everything that you can do with xv you can do with
either gqview or GIMP.


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