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Funny Observation [was Re: Debian for the developing world: help making CD's]

On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 01:59:21AM -0500, David Coe wrote:
> Also, if VA (or someone else) can contribue Slink-and-a-half CDs or
> CDs and books like we handed out at LWE, we'd love to distribute those
> too.

Just off topic: do you see that Debian is the only distro where everybody
refers to versions by their name (I remember more easily the order of the
name of each release than the version just before 2.0). It's so true that
you can easily simply talking about slink or potato to RH or SuSE users
and they know what you talking about! Even if most software project has
a codename for each version, AFAIK, at the exception of Gnome, people
external to the project use the version number and often even ignore
the codename.

All of this to conclude: Debian is the only distribution "with a name" ;)

Happy bugsquash-weekend everybody!

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