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Debian for the developing world: help with human languages

  [I've agreed to help Bob Chassell of FSF run a workshop on "Freely
  Redistributable, Open Source Software"
  (http://www.globalknowledge.org.my/gkii_workshop_mimos.htm) at the
  "Global Knowledge II" conference, March 7-10, in Kuala Lumpur.

  This conference, sponsored by the Global Knowledge Partnership
  (http://www.globalknowledge.org/), is where "people, representing
  the public and private sectors will meet to hammer out strategies
  that will put information and knowledge in the hands of developing
  countries and the world's poor."

  Bob Chassell is an FSF Founder, Debian user and fan, and we will
  present Debian as the largest, freest, and most reliable GNU/Linux

Debian has excellent support for languages, I've heard, but I have no
personal experience there.  Since this audience will be global and
diverse (fortunately for me the conference is held in English),
I suspect they'd like to hear about that.  Can anyone offer me some
pointers, for users and/or developers?


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