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Debian for the developing world: help making CD's

  [I've agreed to help Bob Chassell of FSF run a workshop on "Freely
  Redistributable, Open Source Software"
  (http://www.globalknowledge.org.my/gkii_workshop_mimos.htm) at the
  "Global Knowledge II" conference, March 7-10, in Kuala Lumpur.

  This conference, sponsored by the Global Knowledge Partnership
  (http://www.globalknowledge.org/), is where "people, representing
  the public and private sectors will meet to hammer out strategies
  that will put information and knowledge in the hands of developing
  countries and the world's poor."

  Bob Chassell is an FSF Founder, Debian user and fan, and we will
  present Debian as the largest, freest, and most reliable GNU/Linux

mimos.my, an "R&D Malaysian Government Corporation" and sponsor of the
workshop, would like to burn and distribute free CDs containing Debian
stable (or frozen) -- probably including non-US and excluding
non-free.  I've never helped anyone construct and test a CD set -- got
any advice beyond what's on our web site?  (Joeyh told me "you have
to fight with the debian-cd package until it works" -- anyone have
experience or advice to pass on?)

Also, if VA (or someone else) can contribue Slink-and-a-half CDs or
CDs and books like we handed out at LWE, we'd love to distribute those

Thanks for whatever help or advice you can provide.

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