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Re: Free Software in French government (Re: How about this...)

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On Monday 28 February 2000, at 16 h 3, the keyboard of Andreas Tille 
<tillea@rki.de> wrote:

> Could you or one of the other developers from France tell
> something about 
>     http://www.senat.fr/grp/rdse/page/forum/texteloi.html Nr. 117

First, remember it is a *proposal* from the Sénat and it has not been voted (and will probably never be).

Rough translation/summary:

Article 1: the State and the local authorities (city councils, etc) will have to use computer networks for communication between themselves.

Article 2: Same thing for the public calls to providers. Contractants will get the form to fill in on the Web :-)

Article 3: the State and the local authorities will only use free software ("use and modification free, source code available"). Provision for the transition.

Article 4: creation of the Free Software Agency. This body will inform the users, prone interoperability, may check if free software really exists for a given task.

Article 5: the Free Software Agency will report patches to the upstream authors. 

Article 6: any expense generated by ther above will be covered by articles 575 and 575a of the taxation law <http://www.finances.gouv.fr/reglementation/codegen/index-d.htm>.

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