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Re: Stop Debian/FreeBSD

On Sat, Nov 20, 1999 at 03:38:43PM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> The port isn't being approached with an eye towards conserving archive
> space -- everything is being recompiled.  Supposedly the goal of
> this project is to give linux users the option of using a bsd kernel.
> So the first goal should be to upgrade freebsd's linux compatability
> to the point where the freebsd kernel plus some small number of kernel-
> dependent packages can drop in to an existing debian system.

Please note that Debians architecture and ftp set up make it difficult at
least to say:

This package is for all linux systems.

This package is for all linux systems, but needs to be recompiled on each.

This package is for all linux+bsd systems.

This package is for all linux+bsd systems, but needs to be recompiled on

This package is for all systems that expose the glibc 2.1 API in

Until this is fixed, either by a scheme like "Architecture: linux-all" or
"Architecture: bsd-any", or a more generic scheme like replacing
Architecture specification by virtual and concrete dependencies (virtual
like linux-syscalls and concrete like libc6), we only can want this goal and
not implement it.

I agree with you, although I see value in replacing some low level packages
(like we need to do on the Hurd). Applications like the GIMP should be able
to run as "linux" binary. It's not really linux: It's more ELF object format
plus some soname dependencies.

But Debian can't cope currently. I hope such schemes are considered for the
next dinstall/ftp repository update.

linux makedev is still in the Hurd archive, as well as the linux kernel
source packages. modutils, procps and update are architecture any (I think),
but don't make sense on the Hurd. Bootloader will need to be recompiled even
on the same host CPU, although they likely work "over' any OS etc...

Every port has its own list of packages which are in some way classified


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