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Re: Updated installer images 2021-04-16

On 4/20/21 11:16 AM, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Presumably, this message, and the check that issues it, are relics of the past when
> grub was not able to dig into LVM partitions to find the kernel and initrd. Now that
> grub understands LVM, the check and associated message are no longer necessary.

As I said, those are known issues and I know how these messages are triggered. They are
part of the checks in the partman-* packages. I simply didn't have the time to work on
that yet as changing these things involves lots of testing and trial and error to make
sure the checks are correct.

>> I don't know the context of these. You need to provide more context, use a
>> net console if you cannot access the logs otherwise.
> The context of these messages is immediately after the "bong" when the machine reboots
> itself -- after grub has loaded and displayed its menu but before the kernel and initrd
> are loaded.  I'm guessing that they come from grub and are byproducts of the process of
> grub digging around in the LVM looking for the /boot directory.

I'm not even there yet to work on LVM. I don't understand the hurry to make everything
perfect at once. This issue might not even specific to PowerMacs, so it would make more
sense first to test this on x86 systems and report a bug against src:grub2 or partman-lvm
if the issue shows there as well.


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