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Re: Updated installer images 2021-04-16

On 4/20/21 3:42 AM, Rick Thomas wrote:
> (1) Can we get rid of the seemingly unnecessary error message about not having a /boot partition?

As I said, it's a known issue and I'm going to fix it at some point. But
since I am doing this in my freetime and I'm not getting paid for that,
I'm not working on it every day.

Fixing installer issues is not trivial and requires lots of testing, getting
it working last week took me four days and 10-15 installation runs, so I
cannot work on it every day.

> (2) Are the messages necessary that complain about "can't open device" and
> "press any key to continue"?

I don't know the context of these. You need to provide more context, use a
net console if you cannot access the logs otherwise.


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