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Re: Current status on grub-installer on PowerMac

On 4/16/21 8:59 AM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
>> The interesting part will be to see what arch-detect prints out in the
>> installer. You can just run it from a second terminal. If it doesn't
>> detect a newworld machine, GRUB installation won't work.
> Here's what I see with -M mac99:
> ~ # /bin/archdetect
> powerpc/powermac_newworld
> I guess that should work? If so, I can kick off another installation in the background later.

So, which image did you use and was QEMU already configured like that when
you were trying it in the first place.

Because I am starting to question my sanity. If you're showing me that arch-detect
is detecting the machine correctly and you used the latest image which I tested
myself on real hardware, then it's not possible that the partioner will use
the wrong layout.


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