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Re: Xorg non starting (was : Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-11-22)

On 12/24/19 10:15 PM, bertrand.dekoninck@gmail.com wrote:
>> How did you do that.
> umount /dev/sda2 
> fsck.hfs /dev/sda2
> And then I had got an error. 

What error did you get? FWIW, the hfsprogs package also needs to be updated
to a newer upstream version - something which is on my TODO list as well.

>>> I’ve used the rescue mode of the install media to restore it. But is it the
>>> only way to proceed ? What is the correct way to restore it ? Unmount, then format it
>>> as hfs, reinstall grub with grub-install ? I’m not very familiar with grub.
>> You can't really use GRUB at the moment until I have fixed ofpathname unless you
>> want to install GRUB completely manually [1].
> The script and the hfsutils package provided by Roberto on power progress is quite useful for now.
> Thanks again for you time. I'm dealing with the install of ardour : I consider its install
> mandatory to get rid of wheezy, because this computer is a part of my home studio.

I assume you are using Debian/ppc64 for the G5, aren't you? Firefox on 32-bit powerpc
isn't really working well at the moment but it's going to be improved in the future.


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