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Re: ofpath vs ofpathname vs grub-ofpathname

On 6/20/19 22:45, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Hi Frank!

On 6/20/19 9:04 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
Combining the information from [1] and [2] for my 11,2 type G5 the
following OF paths are returned:

root@powermac-g5:~# ofpathname /dev/sda2

# The used `grub-ofpathname` has Mathieu's patches included
root@powermac-g5:~# grub-ofpathname /dev/sda2

Can you please use an unpatched version of grub-ofpathname from GRUB
upstream (git version, please). Same for Yaboot and powerpc-utils.

And please use /dev/sda1, so we have something comparable.

Ok, here are the results, finally:

root@powermac-g5:~/git-projects/powerpc-utils/scripts# ./ofpathname

root@powermac-g5:~/git-projects/yaboot/ybin# ./ofpath /dev/sda1
ofpath: /dev/sda: Device not configured

# With Debian version
root@powermac-g5:~# ofpath /dev/sda1

root@powermac-g5:~/git-projects/grub# ./grub-ofpathname /dev/sda1

Sorry for the delay.


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