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Re: ofpath vs ofpathname vs grub-ofpathname


On 6/20/19 3:47 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> In order to collect data for fixing the limitations we have with grub-ofpathname,
> I have done some initial testing on our POWER8 buildd by comparing the output
> of Yaboot's ofpath [1], ofpathname from powerpc-utils [2] and grub-ofpathname [3].

I have started working on this now and first had a go at the ofpathname script from
the powerpc-utils package [1].

The script now prints out the correct Open Firmware path names on my iBook G4:

root@test-adrian1:~/powerpc-utils# ofpath /dev/sda
root@test-adrian1:~/powerpc-utils# ./scripts/ofpathname /dev/sda

It needs to be tested on other PowerMacs such as the G3 or the G5, so if anyone
has such a machine, I would be interested in some tests with the paths compared
between the ofpath script from Yaboot and my patched version of ofpathname from
my mac-support branch in [1].


> [1] https://github.com/glaubitz/powerpc-utils/tree/mac-support

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