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Re: Debian Installer GRUB test image available

On 5/5/19 00:27, Karl wrote:
Hope this helps

The installer can't find the `hfsprogs` package. I just checked the
Debian Ports FTP service and it's there, both for powerpc and ppc64. So
either your Internet connection was down or - if packages were installed
from the installer disc - the `hfsprogs` package is not available in the
ISO. I assume the latter.

The `hfsprogs` package was also not included in the older ISO from
2019-04-20 (I only checked the ppc64 one). Should we include it, so
off-line installations work?

OTOH should this even work? I.e. to install a base OS from just the
netinstall ISOS? I seem to remember that you somewhere wrote, that you
installed an OS just from the ISO w/o Internet access.


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