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Re: Debian Installer GRUB test image available

Booting with this path worked for me:
boot usb1/disk:,\\grub.elf

How could I provide a log? Because I have no working OS right now.

> Am 04.05.2019 um 23:13 schrieb John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de>:
>> On 5/4/19 11:08 PM, Carlos wrote:
>> So, I tried to install, but failed:
>> A few errors occurred while installation:
>> - couldn't load firmware b43, I think because that isn't on the image?
> Yes, the images currently don't contain any firmware. I will work on the
> firmware issues once I have committed all bootloader changes.
> Debian Ports images have been built without firmware so far unlike the
> release architectures which have non-free images with firmware. I haven't
> looked into the details of building images with firmware yet.
>> - The archive security.debian.org could not be accessed
> There is no security.debian.org. If it still suggests that then Samuel
> Thibault's merge request to fix the mirror master list which moves
> "powerpc" to Ports has not been merged yet.
>> - GRUB bootloader couldn't be installed
> That should not happen and you should provide the log file if you want us
> to have a look at the problem.
> Adrian
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