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Re: Debootstrap Error : Couldn't find these debs: debian-ports-archive-keyring-udeb

On 5/2/19 9:21 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> On 5/2/19 2:59 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
>> On 5/2/19 4:16 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>>> Using the 24th April 2019 ppc64 netinst image on a PowerMac G5 quad
>>> I see :
>> Which has a big "00_IMAGES_BROKEN" at the top of the folder.
> OKay.  So that is the special secret flag that says "THESE INSTALL IMAGES DO NOT WORK AND DO NOT TRY THEM" ?
> Can you please do :
> in that directory ?   Just to save hours of lost time doing the dl
> and the CDROM burn and the boot and config stages.

Please note that these all these images are always considered to be
just snapshots, they can always suffer from regressions. I also
intentionally didn't announce the images for 2019-04-24 for this

I understand the frustration, but we're currently introducing a lot of
changes to debian-installer and debian-cd for Debian Ports and it would
be better for this to settle before doing any new tests.

I will announce new images once they are ready. I have my own iBook G4
set up for testing now, so I can make sure the images pass the minimum
quality standards.


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