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Re: News about Firefox for PowerPC

On 12/10/18 6:23 PM, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> PS: Adrian, I hope you get out a new ISO soon, so I try reinstalling the iBook and test again :) I got the machine exactly for working on ArcticFox

The problem is that we currently don't have Yaboot in the archives which is
required by the debian-installer package. Someone requested for Yaboot among
other packages to be removed from the Debian FTP archive. So I will have
to tackle this first. I'm not sure whether Yaboot still builds fine but I guess
it does. At least pmac-utils didn't build when I tried it due to issues with
sgml2man converting the SGML files to manpages (syntax errors).

I wish I had the time to work on GRUB integration for powerpc and ppc64 but it's
quite some involved task due to the HFS image requirements for PPC Macs. I have
recently learned, however, that Fedora for ppc64 has support for installing
on 64-bit PowerPC Macs using syslinux for the installation media as well as
GRUB as a bootloader for the installed system. However, I haven't verified
that yet.

Thus, can someone with a 64-bit PowerPC Mac, i.e. a Macintosh G5, give it
a try and install Fedora's ppc64 port on their G5 Mac? Images can be found

> https://download-ib01.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora-secondary/releases/27/Everything/ppc64/iso/

Also, maybe give openSUSE ppc64 a spin:

> http://download.opensuse.org/ports/ppc/factory/iso/

I haven't tried either of them on a G5 Mac and would be interested to see
whether an installation is possible which would indicate these distributions
have HFS support added to syslinux and GRUB.

The first step for Debian then would be to make sure Debian's syslinux package
has support for the "macboot.img" image which is required to boot Linux with
syslinux on a PPC Mac.

The next step would be finding out what Fedora is doing to replace ofpath which
is required for grub-installer. On the other hand, I just realized that ofpath
is just a bash script and we might as well add it to the grub-installer package.

@Frank: Could you repost your patches for grub-installer rebased for the current
        version? Maybe also include the ofpath script from the yaboot package
        (download from http://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20160607T104140Z/pool/main/y/yaboot/yaboot_1.3.17-4.dsc).


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