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Enable GRUB installation for powerpc/ppc64 Macs (was: Re: News about Firefox for PowerPC)

Hi Adrian,

On 12/11/18 00:00, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
@Frank: Could you repost your patches for grub-installer rebased for the current
         version? Maybe also include the ofpath script from the yaboot package
         (download from http://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20160607T104140Z/pool/main/y/yaboot/yaboot_1.3.17-4.dsc).

Noticed this by chance.

Although I'm subscribed to this list, I actually don't read every mail on it (completely) or all mails in time. Maybe better put me in TO or CC next time or address me directly at the beginning. Not sure if I missed something else, though.

Thanks for your insistence :-), actually I haven't forgotten about enabling GRUB installation for powerpc/ppc64 Macs, but missed the time for it until now, as it actually requires a bigger effort. I hope I can bring this forward in the next weeks but I can't give a promise.

In addition I plan to deviate from the patches I created in late 2017, maybe even start from scratch. One of the main things I want to keep out of d-i/grub-installer this time is the HFS stuff related to FS creation and such. Unfortunately this is not done by d-i/partman-newworld but was always done by d-i/yaboot-installer or d-i/grub-installer with my patches from late 2017. To fix that I plan to create a d-i/partman-hfs (based on d-i/partman-ext3 but adapted for hfs) which should take care of the FS related tasks and maybe later replace d-i/partman-newworld. This should shrink the amount of changes needed for d-i/grub-installer considerably. I also like to "save space" by focusing on successful operation for the simplest case possible only - i.e. empty disk or prior OS installation on disk is thrown away - at first, instead of trying to support special cases.

The plan then is as follows:

1. Increase size of HFS partitions in d-i/partman-auto to 10 to 20 MB to prepare for future GRUB installations. More details on [1].

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/partman-auto/merge_requests/2

2. Create d-i/partman-hfs to handle all FS related stuff for HFS

3. Patch d-i/grub-installer to support a GRUB installation for powerpc/ppc64 Macs for the simplest case.

This time I also plan to do the development on powerpc and use ppc64 for verification.


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