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Re: News about Firefox for PowerPC

Hi Christian

(removing others who will read the reply on the ML)

Christian Zigotzky wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. We get the error message 'Illegal instruction'
> on the X5000. That means it doesn't start. Could you please compile it
> without AltiVec (-maltivec -mabi=altivec)? 

I do not provide a binary, that must have been built by somebody else.
I was just compiling and testing for the sake of PPC! (I was further
motivated by the PowerProgressCommunity and their plans for PPC machines

I cannot do a test build now because my iBook G4 is "out of order",
until we find a way to reinstall it. I hoped Adrian could spin out a new
ISO, otherwise I need some help or magic to boot the "bad" install the
current one creates. Right now I am just working on the Intel-side and
porting back several bugfixes from FF.


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