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Re: PPC64 port status

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 6:36 PM,  <wbonnet@theitmakers.com> wrote:
> Hi Hiroyuki,
> Thanks for your answer (and for all answers that followed). These are very
> good news for me.
>> So, I'm planning that almost all ppc64 binary packages will be rebuilt
>> as binNMU.
>> I have already given binNMU command for only ppc64 port to wanna-build
>> DB at the last Friday,
>> but there are many many source packages, that command takes long long
>> time.
>> Wait a moment.
> We are currently rebuilding, on our side, the packages needed for the
> project (very short term). We also have setup a build farm that will be used
> to rebuild the full Debian archive (next coming weeks).

Neat \o/

> Our farm is based upon standard Debian tools (wannabuild, buildd, sbuild).
> We are willing to share our effort. So maybe we can help. I would be happy
> to contribute some build or whatever you need, and even join this team. What
> would be the criteria to submit binNmu please ?
> The current target is e5500, which means i rebuild packages with the
> following additionnal flags : -mcpu=e5500 -mno-altivec -mtune=e5500
> Is there some more generic flags i could use ?
>> I want to construct a ppc64 porterbox chroot on partch.debian.org (a
>> POWER7 machine),
>> if recommendation from DD and recognitions are obtained.
> If you need access to some hardware which do not implement vmx nor some
> opcodes (like fsqrt), maybe i can put a e5500 box in "public" access for
> Debian team and even provide a porterbox and/or a buildd. I am not yet 100%
> sure, and i would like to know what are your needs. If you need need access
> to this kind of ressources (or other) please let me know, I will do my best
> to make it available.

That's actually a good question. I am guessing you could contact the
DSA team directly:


You still have the option to maintain this machine by yourself
(non-DSA machines are just fine: https://db.debian.org/machines.cgi)


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