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Re: PPC64 port status

Hi Hiroyuki,

Thanks for your answer (and for all answers that followed). These are very good news for me.

So, I'm planning that almost all ppc64 binary packages will be rebuilt
as binNMU.
I have already given binNMU command for only ppc64 port to wanna-build
DB at the last Friday,
but there are many many source packages, that command takes long long time.
Wait a moment.

We are currently rebuilding, on our side, the packages needed for the project (very short term). We also have setup a build farm that will be used to rebuild the full Debian archive (next coming weeks).

Our farm is based upon standard Debian tools (wannabuild, buildd, sbuild). We are willing to share our effort. So maybe we can help. I would be happy to contribute some build or whatever you need, and even join this team. What would be the criteria to submit binNmu please ?

The current target is e5500, which means i rebuild packages with the following additionnal flags : -mcpu=e5500 -mno-altivec -mtune=e5500

Is there some more generic flags i could use ?

I want to construct a ppc64 porterbox chroot on partch.debian.org (a
POWER7 machine),
if recommendation from DD and recognitions are obtained.

If you need access to some hardware which do not implement vmx nor some opcodes (like fsqrt), maybe i can put a e5500 box in "public" access for Debian team and even provide a porterbox and/or a buildd. I am not yet 100% sure, and i would like to know what are your needs. If you need need access to this kind of ressources (or other) please let me know, I will do my best to make it available.


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