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Re: PPC64 port status

On Mar 30, 2016, at 10:13 AM, wbonnet@theitmakers.com wrote:

> Hi,
> Le 30.03.2016 17:09, Breno Leitao a écrit :
>> Hi Mathieu,
>> On 03/30/2016 05:40 AM, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
>>>> So i would like to know what is the target, and if it is
>>>> possible to consider supporting the "most generic PPC64 target", just
>>>> like it is done for x86 archs ?
>> Do you mean setting "-mno-altivec" as a generic compiler flag for ppc64?
> Yes, that's what i mean. "-mno-altivec" and maybe some other "-mno-something" flags, so it could run on any PPC64 cpu, even if it does not have altivec/vmx, or if it does not have the optional opcodes of the PPC64 standard (like fsqrt).
> The packages currently available from the ports repo do not run on every PPC64 cpu. Even packages recompiled with the "-mno-altivec" flag contain binaries with optional opcodes.
> Cheers
> W.

The altivec instructions and other optimizations speed-up significantly certain kinds of programs on CPUs that can use them.  It would be a shame to loose the optimized versions by dropping back to the lowest common denominator CPU architecture.  Would it be possible to create and support a sub-architecture that provided altivec optimized versions of packages?


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