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Re: Help with porting opengl java libraries (gluegen2 / libjogl2-java) to ppc64el

Hi Frédéric,

Frederic Bonnard a écrit le 16/10/2015 17:35 :
> Hi Gilles,
> sorry for the time it took, but I struggled hard to have a graphical setup
> working and now that I did it, maybe I could have something easier.
> For the short answer, check the attached png : it worked.

Great \o/

> The long story for the record :
> with the graphic card but default (ASPEED) I missed ast.ko.
> I recompiled a 3.16 kernel with ast.ko, but I was missing display on the console.
> I had to compile a 4.2 kernel with other modules enabled (conf taken from ubuntu which
> has the console of the machine working).
> I had a console display and a X session started (/dev/dri exists)  
> but the test failed with :  
> libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate  
> This seems to be X lacking ast support on the userland part. I didn't see a
> xserver-xorg-video-ast package.  
> I changed to an ati card but I'm hitting a :  
> [drm:radeon_pci_probe [radeon]] *ERROR* radeon kernel modesetting for R600 
> it seems to requires firmware-linux-nonfree and there was no /dev/dri.
> So I tried to install firmware-linux-nonfree from amd64 (yes.. omg!)
> and I could boot and have a drm enable device with an X session,
> but I don't have the USB keyboard working on the console, so with vnc server
> I could launch the test but it instantly crashed the machine.
> I think this has to do with opengl and the hardware microcode I forced, but
> forcing mesa to do software opengl, it worked.
> I'm not much knowledgeable on the graphical aspect and I could have done that
> in a more easy way with the software mesa trick, thinking of it now,
> without the need of drm/dri etc.
> If I have time, I'll try differently.
> But the result is here I think,
> let me know if you need more.

Thanks a lot for your persistence. The result the here indeed, and very
much appreciated :)



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