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Re: 3D acceleration for Radeon 9600 Pro chip on PowerBook G4

Michael also recommended that link to me when I submitted my bug report. That why I set my default display to 16 and 3D working. In that there were also patches mentioned. I was hoping some one could at least point me in the direction of were to go to find a good resource to learn how to use the patch. I have patched a Linux box before and would like to learn. Thanks!


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> On Nov 28, 2014, at 1:58 AM, Adi Kriegisch <adi@cg.tuwien.ac.at> wrote:
> Hey!
>>   I am currently running Debain Jesse. One of the things I discovered that
>>   Xvid does not work unless you enable KMS and turn on 3D acceleration.
>>   However to get it working I need to edit my xorg.conf file to my default
>>   display from 24 to 16. This got everything working, but obviously it
>>   impacted my screen resolution. This is not really a show stopper for me,
>>   but I was wondering has anyone ran into a similar issue? One of the Xorg
>>   developers mentioned a patch available on this thread [1]here. Has anyone
>>   had any experienced in installing patches like these?
> Jup. I run those patches and they work for me. See also
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=746272
> You however need to adapt some paths in the patches in order to apply them
> on top of mesa-10.3. With the patches everything works just fine for me
> although I have the impression that my iMac G5 is overall "way slower" than
> with wheezy.
> The endianness issue itself has been dealt with upstream, but noone is
> working on adapting the r300 driver to use the new infrastructure. :-(
> -- Adi

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