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Re: 3D acceleration for Radeon 9600 Pro chip on PowerBook G4


>    I am currently running Debain Jesse. One of the things I discovered that
>    Xvid does not work unless you enable KMS and turn on 3D acceleration.
>    However to get it working I need to edit my xorg.conf file to my default
>    display from 24 to 16. This got everything working, but obviously it
>    impacted my screen resolution. This is not really a show stopper for me,
>    but I was wondering has anyone ran into a similar issue? One of the Xorg
>    developers mentioned a patch available on this thread [1]here. Has anyone
>    had any experienced in installing patches like these?
Jup. I run those patches and they work for me. See also

You however need to adapt some paths in the patches in order to apply them
on top of mesa-10.3. With the patches everything works just fine for me
although I have the impression that my iMac G5 is overall "way slower" than
with wheezy.

The endianness issue itself has been dealt with upstream, but noone is
working on adapting the r300 driver to use the new infrastructure. :-(

-- Adi

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