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All Fonts White

Machine: G5 Mac Tower: Wheezy for PowerPC64; gdm3 desktop.

Desktop has been great since I bought the machine a few weeks ago.  But after my [apt-get update / apt-get upgrade] last weekend, ALL text on the screen is rendered in white - on a white background.  This includes the login splash screen, all menus on my homepage after login, all buttons, all text on "gnome-terminal" (though xterm is okay because it is white text on a black background), in short ALL WHITE TEXT in any context.

No significant ERRORs in Xorg.0.log.

(Machine came with an OSX 10.6.8 drive - now disconnected, but when reconnected and acting as boot disk still runs fine with the usual desktop.)

Searches like "X White text" or "gdm3 white text" or etc., etc. show no results whatsoever.

Any suggestions?  Reinstall from CD?


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