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Re: All Fonts White

Hi dave,
i'm giovanni. Sorry for my bad english.
How you resolved this problem?

after my apt-get update/upgrade my window manager (i3) looks good.
Some programs works fine, but iceweasel/icedove/uzbl  render in white  
on white backgroud.... 



In article <kt7QG-6Yf-7@gated-at.bofh.it>, David Adcock
<david.adcock@lonestarbio.com> wrote:

>Machine: G5 Mac Tower: Wheezy for PowerPC64; gdm3 desktop.
>Desktop has been great since I bought the machine a few weeks ago.  But =
>after my [apt-get update / apt-get upgrade] last weekend, ALL text on =
>the screen is rendered in white - on a white background.  This includes =
>the login splash screen, all menus on my homepage after login, all =
>buttons, all text on "gnome-terminal" (though xterm is okay because it =
>is white text on a black background), in short ALL WHITE TEXT in any =
>No significant ERRORs in Xorg.0.log.
>(Machine came with an OSX 10.6.8 drive - now disconnected, but when =
>reconnected and acting as boot disk still runs fine with the usual =
>Searches like "X White text" or "gdm3 white text" or etc., etc. show no =
>results whatsoever.
>Any suggestions?  Reinstall from CD?
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