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Re: Impact of [linux-any] when pbuilding packages on powerpc for squeeze

Hello again,

just for being sure that I'm ok with the process, I just tested it on my
other box, which is an i386 under wheezy. I grabbed
emacs-snapshot-20120502 Debian stable sources (the same I used on
powerpc) and configured pbuilder with DISTRIBUTION=squeeze; so my chroot
based on base.tgz is squeeze. And with the default debian/control (with
some [linux-any]) everything worked well, as expected.

So the difference between my two test are pbuilder's (and some others
tools) version which is 0.199+nmu1squeeze1 under my powerpc box and is
0.210 under my i386 box. But I don't think that the problem comes from
here (or maybe I'm wrong?).

My two pbuilderrc are the same as well (on both boxes), so my two
base.tgz are the same, except one is for powerpc and the other is for

debian/* were made by Julien Danjou himself. I still looked for
something specific in manuals for powerpc. But I didn't find nothing
usefull but the Architecture and tags things in debian/control (but I
may have missed something)...

Really, the fact that pbuilder on my powerpc box doesn't like those
[linux-any] tags is a mystery to me...

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