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Re: Power Mac G5 & Radeon X1900 - driver problem

On 04/09/2011, Elimar Riesebieter <riesebie@lxtec.de> wrote:
> * John Ames [110902 21:17 -0500]:
>> other hand, that seems to be fixed in Sid. Obviously it's playing
>> nicely enough to run framebuffer console output properly, but beyond
>> that I'm not so sure. Does that "conflicting fb usage" message
>> indicate some kind of driver conflict? If so, is there a way I can
>> disable whatever's conflicting with it and leave only the radeon
>> driver in place?
> FMPOV this is only the case if two different graphic adapters are
> installed side by side or the drivesrs are loaded by /etc/modules
> which is not needed nowadays. Edit this file and remove all graphic
> drivers.

I see a similar message using a nVIDIA card with nouveau:

fb: conflicting fb hw usage nouveaufb vs OFfb NVDA,Displ - removing
generic driver

It doesn't seem to interfere with successful loading of the nouveau
driver. (I'm guessing this message corresponds to the moment during
boot when the console display briefly becomes garbage before
flickering a bit and settling back down with the newly loaded driver.)

I don't have any graphics listed in /etc/modules which I'm aware of:


I did, however, have to edit yaboot.conf to prevent nvidiafb being
loaded else nouveau wouldn't load at all.

- cfr

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