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Re: Power Mac G5 & Radeon X1900 - driver problem

* John Ames [110902 21:17 -0500]:

> I was attempting to get Debian (Squeeze, latest net-install CD)
> working with a Radeon X1900 Mac edition video card (PCI-Express) on my
> Power Mac G5 Quad. The installer acted a bit weird right from the
> start, telling me that the step "Install the system" failed (with
> nothing in the way of useful error information,) but I got the base
> system installed at least. It booted fine to framebuffer console, so I
> set about installing GNOME on it. apt finished with nary a complaint,
> but when I rebooted, I found that when it was ready to launch into X,
> it choked up and just sat there with a blank screen and a cursor.
> (Weirdly, though, the screen itself flickered on and off at a high
> rate, faster than the actual cursor blink.)

Radeon cards need a firmware. This can be found in package
firmware-linux-nonfree. To check wether the firmware loads run

$ dmesg | grep Microcode
[drm] Loading R300 Microcode

In this case its for my card as an example.

> For the time being, I put the GeForce 6600 it came with back in and
> got things up and running. However, when I updated to Sid (unstable)
> to get Lightspark working, I thought I'd give it another try and see
> what happened. The flickering-cursor screen now does not happen, it
> recognizes the card fully and attempts to load the radeon driver -

A GeForce won't never load the radeon-driver. It is a nVidia card
which runs nv or nouveau driver.

> however, it's apparently conflicting with something or other:
> conflicting fb usage radeondrmfb vs OFfb ATY,Priona - removing generic
> driver

Did you installed both cards at the same time?

> This causes the system to hang completely, such that it can't even
> boot into single-user mode...any changes made to fix it will need to
> be done with the GeForce in its place.
> I'm not sure what all to make of this. I've found a thread about
> problems getting the same basic setup (G5 Quad, X1900, Debian) to
> work, but it's a couple years old and the symptoms are different.
> There's some discussion there about the radeon/radeonhd driver looking
> for Atom BIOS information on non-Atom BIOS cards, which would explain
> the "invalid ROM contents" message when running Squeeze, but on the

This is quite normal like on my radeon R300 and doesn't matter that
$ dmesg | grep "Invalid\ ROM"
radeon 0000:00:10.0: Invalid ROM contents
radeon 0000:00:10.0: Invalid ROM contents

> other hand, that seems to be fixed in Sid. Obviously it's playing
> nicely enough to run framebuffer console output properly, but beyond
> that I'm not so sure. Does that "conflicting fb usage" message
> indicate some kind of driver conflict? If so, is there a way I can
> disable whatever's conflicting with it and leave only the radeon
> driver in place?

FMPOV this is only the case if two different graphic adapters are
installed side by side or the drivesrs are loaded by /etc/modules
which is not needed nowadays. Edit this file and remove all graphic


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