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Re: pmu_battery in sid

Hi Jeroen,

I have never seen a battery meter in LXDE panel, but  assume that you
have since you are asking. Where is it located?

I'm using Debian 6.0.1 (Squeeze) on a PowerBook G3 Lombard. Right now
my problem is that the computer does not know it has a battery and
does not charge it. Maybe I have to reset the PMU (how?) or replace
the PRAM battery (is there any?) or...

However, there are two identical files, battery_0 and battery_1, even
without loading the module pmu_battery:

risto@lombard:~$ cat /proc/pmu/battery_0

flags      : 00000010
charge     : 0
max_charge : 0
current    : 0
voltage    : 0
time rem.  : 0


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