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Some 'required' packages broken for powerpcspe port


just found out that with the current state of the powerpcspe port [1] I
cannot multistrap even a rudimentary debian system.  A few months ago
multistrap worked without problems.

There seem to be two culprits:

 1. Nowadays some required packages depend on the metapackage
 'multiarch-support' (e.g. 'libselinux1').  However 'multiarch-support'
 is only provided by newer eglibc packages, not by the eglibc package
 currently found in the powerpcspe archive (in suite 'unreleased')

 2. Some packages depend on metapackage perlapi-5.10.1
 (e.g. libtext-iconv-perl).  But only perlapi-5.12.3 is provided by
 package 'perl-base'.  The mistake is in the dependencies of packages
 like 'libtext-iconv-perl'.  Looking here:


 I see that although all architectures have a package
 libtext-iconv-perl:1.7-2, the perlapi-* packages they depend on differ.
 On arch 'powerpcspe' the dependency is on perlapi-5.10.1, while for
 'powerpc' it's perlapi-5.12.3.  Maybe the dependency is automatically
 determined at built-time and a simple rebuild is going to fix it?



[1] http://wiki.debian.org/PowerPCSPEPort
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