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Fan won't work - system locking up as a result

Hey everyone. I just installed debian with Mintppc9 and there is one
remaining issue - the fan doesn't work. Because of this, the laptop
gets extremely hot, and the fans never come on. After a few minutes,
it locks up.

I have installed cpudyn but it doesn't appear to be working. The fans
work in OSX with no issue. I also tried powernowd and that didn't

I am using a 1ghz Powerbook G4 with Nvidia Go graphics.
Anyone have any ideas?

I have added all 4 adt74xx modules to /etc/modules and there doesn't
appear to be any change.

Running Code:
dmesg|grep fan

returns nothing.

Running Code:
modprobe therm_adt746x

FATAL: Error inserting therm_adt746x
no such device

I'd really love to get debian/mint running because the system is super
slow in OSX... it actually runs quite quickly in mint/debian - until
it locks up.

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