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debian ppc squeeze video weird rectangle

Hello, James. Did you ever solve your weird rectangle problem, in this thread?:


I had the same trouble, and solved it by fixing my xorg.conf. I reported my success elsewhere:


At first, I just went back to Lenny (something I'm thinking of doing today, since someone lost alsaconf in squeeze, and my sound does not work without this magical command). Lenny brought a xorg.conf which was for the 12" screen. If you have the 14" screen, then this should work for you.

You should be able to update your /etc/X11/xorg.conf with video-ofonly, though what I did was to install without x, fix the problem, and then slowly, one package at a time, install x back to make sure it was working.

I'm new to this forum, starting today, so I hope my first post is a helpful one
(though I believe we're also both on the texhax list).



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