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Re: webcam works in ubuntu natty (pc) but not in debian-ppc squeeze (mac mini g4)

> I want to set up a mac mini g4 as a video capture server, but there seems to be 
> a problem with gspca in debian-ppc. I noticed that debian is using an older 
> driver version as compared to ubuntu (2.7 vs. 2.9). Maybe I need a newer driver? 
> Is the later version available for debian-ppc? If so, where could I find it?
> Add unstable package sources and specify a later version of (what)?
> $ aptitude search ~dgspca
> returns nothing. Can someone tell me how to get this?

From the information here:


it looks like gspca has been removed from squeeze because the package doesn't (didn't?) comply with Debian policy.

You could try contacting the maintainer and pestering him or her to update the package.

Or you maybe could compile from source?

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